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 Specializing in body tune ups and
 helping you find a healthier, balanced life.

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A Tune for Everybody

No matter your fitness level or ability, Holbert's Garage has a service for you.

HIIT Workouts

Build muscle and burn calories,
all while in your own space.

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Strength Training

Get your body moving and your heart pumping with cardio inspired workouts.

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Personal Training

Build core strength and stretch your sore muscles with these one-on-on sessions.

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Workouts and Yoga!

We've added Yoga to our Zoom Training menu!

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Get your motor running!


Hi, I'm Kaitie, and I've been using my love of fitness and a garage to stay fit for the last 12 years.  Let me be your tool for success.  Join me for a virtual class and let's get going on that body work!


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Sweat and Sculpt!

Join the six week challenge

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Six Week Challenge

Daily workouts structured for you to do anywhere!  This challenge includes meal plans and endless accountability! 


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Zoom Training

Live trainer courses over zoom with a variety of cardio, boxing, strength workouts and stretching.

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Walk Before You Run! 

A new course for those beinning their workout journey.  Built to kickoff your journey!

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What can you expect from Holbert's Garage?

Holbert's garage all about getting your body moving, feeling the beat, and having fun.
The more fun you have, the more motivated you will be.

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Join Us for a Lake Tahoe Fitness Retreat!

This retreat is ALL about having fun in a new and beautiful environment with amazing, like-minded people. Come for the fun and enjoy the fitness, camaraderie, dining, and relaxation!

Megan P.

"Getting in shape does not just change how you look, it changes how you feel!  I highly recommend this training."

Alison B.

"She cares, she pushes, she understands....I would be lying if I sait it was easy, but it was so worth it!"

Ashley L.

"I never thought I could feel this strong.  These workouts have changed every aspect of my life in the best way!"

Debbie C.

"Katie's format offers something for everyone at any level.  I highly recommend her program; you wont be disappointed."

Jenna P.

"This is the only program I have done that I can stick with.  I love the results, variety and confidence I have gained working with Katie."

Sara K

"Katie has changed my life in more ways than I would have expected, my body for sure but more importantly my mind...keeping me motivated"

Have fun and get fit, even if the gym isn't your thing 


Do it anywhere.  No excuses.

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Its your tune!

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