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My name is Catherine, Katie, CJ whatever you prefer! I grew up in the cornfields of Illinois where I was active in sports and considered myself in shape. (Definitely not healthy) I moved to NC in 2003 where I have built a beautiful life, meeting my husband a few years later. 

 It wasn't until I had my first daughter that I really dug down deep to live a healthier, balanced life! I began doing research on nutrition and found a gym to accommodate my needs. The owner of the gym took me under his wing almost immediately, getting me into the best shape! On my daughters first birthday, I found out I was pregnant with #2, we were so excited! I continued my fitness journey the entire pregnancy, (delivery and recovery were so much easier), I bounced back in no time! After a few years of balancing two toddlers and dogs I decided I wanted to take my passion for fitness to the next level. I started taking an online course for personal training and group fitness. I was certified months later. I have been certified through IFA (International Fitness Association) since 2015. I believe having a certification is important, however you can't build a business from a piece of paper. I have had so much success with my journey because I genuinely care about people, their results, and building relationships. I have an amazing mentor I look up to and he has taught me a lot, he is happy for me and I am grateful for him. 

I had an extremely busy schedule before the screeching halt of Covid 19, working 5am until 7pm some days, still managing being a wife, taking care of the kids and their activities, dogs, managing an airbnb, and running a home. I ran myself 24/7 trying to make time for everything, and somehow I managed it with a positive attitude. I had a hard time saying no to anyone, so my own self care took the back seat for quite some time. March of 2020, anyone cringe to that ?? The month of the unknown, I spent a month trying to process everything... then decided to use my resources and run with it.. I have never felt so rejuvenated and healthy, taking time for me while helping others at the same time has been extremely rewarding. I did months of online training through Zoom while still having a handful of in person clients coming to the garage for training!  So... that is exactly where Holbert's Garage Fitness came in! It may be a dirty garage with old cars and tools, but the body work is top notch and the results are guaranteed!    

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